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My Credit Guy is a full-service credit repair agency helping clients across the United States qualify for mortgage, auto, and other types of financing. We address every aspect of the credit report in an effort to help our clients qualify for the best loan programs and interest rates possible. With several years of experience within the credit repair industry, our entire business model is built for speed to yield the greatest results. Meet our team today and see how our credit repair agency can help you and your clients! We’d love to speak with you!

Meet the Team

We are dedicated to our clients and wildly motivated by the success they have from choosing My Credit Guy to repair their credit scores. You will not find the one-on-one customer experience with any other credit repair company in the financial services industry. Our experience and successful track record speaks for itself. Learn more about our experienced and dedicated team below.

Sam Parker

Tricia Parker

Jenny Redlinger

Jesse Brecht

Ashley Szymaszek

Cassandra Hill

Stacey Glew

Marsha Cripe

Erin Stueck

Chris Galloway

Erin Hall

Carlie Nielson

Cooper Nielson

Tracy Wood

Gary Follmann

Heather Walker

Cody Bos

Elaina Duclos

Tracey Sweet

Shelby Roster

Kaela Brown

Elizabeth Bean

Taylor Kastli

Lexy Lundvall

Melanie Jeray

Kevin Bookmeier

Steve Swanson

Eric Wilds

Claude Lewis

Deanna Kelchin

Chris Fisher

Pete Eggers

Bob “Buck” Buckridge

Meagan Harrison

Jay McMillan

Ame Colette

Pedro Mauco

Joslyn Truax

Josh Worthen

MD Templeton

Chris Hernandez

Sherrie Woods

Tom Woods

Sasha Embry

Whitney Heneghan

Crystal Gehrmann

Rose Gomes

April Robbins

Jessi Feldmann

Angela Gingrich

Mandy Roster

Danielle Neilson

Michelle Bowman

Taylor Bowman

Aviana Kooi

Makenna Siegel

Rachel Markland

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