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My Credit Guy Blog

My Credit Guy is the Top Rated National® Credit Repair Agency in the United States for a reason — we deliver results to our clients at a faster rate without skimping on customer service.


How To Increase Credit Scores Quickly

At My Credit Guy, one of the questions we get most frequently is how to increase a credit score quickly. Many of our clients need to improve their credit score&…

How A Divorce Affects Your Credit

An all-too-common story we hear from clients across the United States is how a divorce absolutely ruined their credit or the credit of someone they know. Most f…

The My Credit Guy Difference

When you have reached the point where you wonder how to fix your credit, the solution can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to reconcile your past financial…

How To Monitor Your Credit Score

Many of our Facebook users have asked us questions about the best ways to monitor credit scores. Due to the popular demand and importance of this question, we w…