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Consumer FAQ’s

You’ve got questions … We’ve got answers! My Credit Guy has provided answers to your frequently asked questions. Learn more about our credit repair services, referral partner program, and more!

Are you only going to dispute 1-2 accounts per month so credit restoration takes forever?
Not at all. My Credit Guy is extremely aggressive with the dispute process. We tackle all the negatives reporting across all three credit bureaus immediately. This means our clients get the speediest and most productive credit restoration service possible.

How much do credit repair services cost?
We always begin with a free review and overall costs will vary depending on each client’s personalized strategy for credit restoration.

Do you help me determine who I should pay?
Yes, we definitely do. Following our aggressive and targeted dispute process, we will assist in listing out which creditors remain as valid and whom it makes the most sense to work towards paying. We can also advise on strategies to effectively negotiate with the creditor to see an even more favorable credit response. This strategy allows you to improve bad credit and repay debt.

I don’t have a credit card. Can you help me get one?
Yes. As part of our process, we quickly help our clients figure out which positive accounts they are missing in their credit profile (if necessary) and help partner them with the ideal companies that suit their needs. When it comes to credit cards, they are not all created equally. We want to be certain our clients get the best choices available to them. Check out our recommended credit cards and credit builder cards to get a sense of your options.

Will anyone know I did credit repair and will it hurt my credit?
No. There will not be any way for it to be known you hired or worked with a credit repair agency. There is no downside to working with My Credit Guy. Every part of the process is designed to increase your credit scores.

Will there be dispute verbiage remaining on my credit report?
No. If you need dispute verbiage lifted from your credit profile, our service is very strong in helping with that as well.

Why can’t I just fix my credit myself?
Unfortunately, the credit bureaus and creditors do not make it an easy process to update inaccuracies on your credit profile. In addition to that, it’s very time consuming and most individuals simply don’t have the kind of time or expertise to put into it. It’s very common for consumers to actually lower their credit scores while trying to clean it up themselves, as there are many pitfalls in the scoring algorithm for mistakes to be made. It’s better to seek the expertise of a credit restoration firm.

What makes My Credit Guy different from other credit repair agencies I’ve seen or heard about?
Our credit restoration service is much more targeted and aggressive than other credit repair companies, as well as much more comprehensive. We dispute all the invalid negative accounts reporting with all three credit bureaus immediately. We also include in-depth credit and financial education with a detailed game plan that’s unique to each individual customer. Most of our clients are in the process of trying to achieve home ownership or some type of loan, so we’ve customized our entire program to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Will you look at my credit to see if you can help me before I sign up?
Of course. We always start with a free review for every customer to see if we can help to fix your credit.

What if I choose to opt-out of the program?
Our clients are allowed to discontinue the program any time.

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